Everything “Manchester” That Will Make You Cry

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Everything “Manchester” That Will Make You Cry

You know, I’m not much of a crier. Honestly the last time I cried was probably this one time when I was twelve and I found out Vanessa Hudgens had a boyfriend. It was really disappointing like I really thought something could have happened between us. Anyway, you never think about it but the word “Manchester” is so emotionally charged! I mean it isn’t really but I’m the one writing a blog post not you so here is everything Manchester that will make you cry.


The Soccer Team
Even if you aren’t into European soccer or even sports in general; things just aren’t going well for Manchester United rn. Let me put it into perspective, imagine if Usain Bolt went from finishing first in every race year after year, to coasting in at a nice mediocre 6. Oh and this is AFTER he had a bionic leg upgrade. They really should be a better team, they have better players I just… *sobs gently*

The Other Soccer Team
Britain Soccer Premier League
I bet you didn’t actually know Manchester City didn’t exist as a soccer team didn’t you? Exactly. The worst part is they’re actually doing better than the popular Manchester soccer team. Tugs at your heart strings a little doesn’t it? Alright, this post isn’t just about sports I’ll move on.

The Dog
Ugh. I am weak. Look at that bloody thing! It’s so cute and I just want to own it and care for it and give it a nice home and help it help me forget about the sad things in the world. Just look at those eyes; they are telling you “hey man/gal, it’s alright. I’m here for you. I’ll cuddle you in the night when you’re feeling lonely”. I can’t contain myself *sobs gratefully*

The Actual City
Ok this one is a little sad I’m sorry if I’m about to ruin your study abroad plans but the city isn’t even really that great. Yes it’s a major city in England yada yada yada it’s a bit of a mess in certain areas. Like yes they have that one cool bridge thing but ehh. But also maybe I just have a personal vendetta against the city who knows. *sobs in a British accent*

The Movie
This movie is ROUUUGH. Like it’s a great movie(duh, nominated for an Oscar) but it is just rough to watch. It takes you on this whole emotional journey and you just end it feeling alone, and sad and confused and oy. But watch it though. You need it in your life *just sobs*
Catch the CEC Free Film: Manchester by the Sea this Tuesday, 2/21 at 8 pm in AGB.

cec. boys do cry.

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