Farm Life Fashions

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Farm Life Fashions

This Monday, October 7, CEC is letting YOU get in on some dairy farm life with Lost on Purpose. There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers and select cast members afterwards, so dress to impress and get ready to live the simple life, folks. Need some outfit ideas? Why don’t you take a few pointers from these furry fellas:

1. You can’t ever go wrong with a plaid shirt.


There’s something about stripes and bold arrangements of colors that make plaid a universally flattering pick for any farmer. It’s definitely a closet staple that’s guaranteed to be in style for seasons to come. We have insider word from Calvin Klein that matching briefs are projected to hit runways Winter 2013.

2. Protect yourself from the sun with a fine straw hat.


Summer is getting ready to say good bye to Southern California, but boy have these last few days of sun been harsh! A straw hat is a solid way to beat the heat and protect that noggin from a burn. Throw on a brightly-coloured bow or stick a feather on at the end to add a personal touch for those who like a little flair with their chapeaus.

3. And don’t forget your bandana.


You never know when them horsies will start kicking up dust again! Bandanas come in a wide assortment of colors and prints so it’s okay to go overboard at the general store and buy one for every day of the week. Or month. Or year. Farming is a lifestyle, not a phase – it never goes out of fashion!

4. You can always count on your trusty blue jeans.


We all have that one pair of blue jeans that will never betray us. No matter the occasion, these babies will never show off your hiney at a bad angle. The standard five pockets serve us well so we can keep lunch in the back pocket and some horse treats in the front pockets. There’s no doubt that it’ll be a world of pain to find a replacement..

5. Long Johns can help keep cold weather at bay.


Yup, those cold winter mornings are on their way! Show weather who’s boss and be prepared for that 60°F Southern California winter with a pair of long johns. An added bonus is that you can don all your other favorite threads on top!

Aaaaand here’s James Lafferty and Jane Kaczmaek rockin both plaid and demin:


Now THAT’S farm fashion at its best, yall. Don’t miss the free sneak of Lost on Purpose coming soon to a James Bridges Theater near you – get all your burning farm (or not) related questions ready for that Q&A!


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