Celebrity Siblings: Not as Famous, Just as Talented

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Celebrity Siblings: Not as Famous, Just as Talented
Do you ever feel like you’re the ugly friend? Like you’re at a party and you look around and all your friends are social butterflies and you’re just alone, clutching a cup of jungle juice in a corner? Well, Luke Hemsworth is you, his brothers are your friends, and the party is Hollywood. And now you’re probably thinking, “did you mean to type Liam Hemsworth?” But while Luke may be the oldest of the Hemsworth and a beloved cast member of Westword, he never made it as far as his beefy brothers, Liam and Chris.

It’s okay Luke, you’re not alone when it comes to not-as-famous siblings of celebrities who are arguably just as talented/cool/good-looking. So yeah, while their brothers and sisters get all the attention, these siblings are killing it in their own way.

  1. Elizabeth Olsen

    mary-kate-and-ashley-olsen-elizabeth-olsen (1)Honestly, Elizabeth Olsen shouldn’t even be on this list considering that she’s been in some pretty big movies in the last few years from Godzilla to Captain America. Still, her older sisters have cemented a permanent role in pop culture because of their role as Michelle Tanner in Full House almost 30 years ago (do you feel old yet?). It sucks that Elizabeth is always referred to as Ashley and Mary Kate’s little sister, considering she’s a good four inches taller than them and her sisters only emerge in public to smoke cigarettes and wear fashionable furs. But at least they passed down a killer smize.
  2. Tom Franco
    Art+Elysium+Presents+Tom+Franco+Art+Salon+EMMLo5VGUY4lIf you’re into scruffy, artsy dudes but think James Franco is a little too obnoxious, Tom Franco is right up your alley. The artistic brother between James and Dave Franco lives in Berkeley and is working on his art collective right now. Oh and Dave Franco said this about his less-famous older brother: “For people who have met all three of us, Tom Franco is the unanimous favorite Franco. He’s the best one—the best-looking, the sweetest, the nicest, greatest guy to be around.”
  3. All of the Baldwin brothers, save for AlecBaldwin BrothersAlec Baldwin starred in an Emmy-award winning TV show, was nominated for several Oscars, and currently gets the chance to impersonate the POTUS (Donald Frumpf himself) on SNL. And his brothers on the other hand? Daniel, William, and Stephen have been on a few TV shows but that’s about it. However, Stephen’s biggest claim to fame (besides supporting Donald Trump) is this little gem, courtesy of Wikipedia.

    Stephen has a tattoo on his left shoulder of the initials “HM” for Hannah Montana. He got the tattoo after making a pact with Miley Cyrus and Kayla Bell that he would be allowed to cameo on the show if he had the initials tattooed on him. He revealed the tattoo to Cyrus at a book signing in Nashville on November 10, 2008.He never appeared on the show and has since said that he regrets getting the tattoo.

  4. Noah Cyrus
    ecfec5653aa37354231cdc6f1159fa86She’s the 17 year old little sister of Miley Cyrus and she sounds exactly like her. Nothing else to say.
  5. Casey Affleck
    affleck1__1192203437_9213-1Ben Affleck’s baby brother was already pretty renown as an serious actor, but Manchester by the Sea, his latest movie which is nominated for six Oscars, really cinched the deal. While he may never beat his older brother’s jawline, he may have him beat in the acting department.

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