CEC | The Room Official Viewing Guide

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CEC | The Room Official Viewing Guide

It wouldn’t be a proper The Room screening without yelling and flying objects. We at CEC would like to share a definitive guide to our screening Friday night. Be sure to grab some condoms and spoons at the door – we promise if you follow these steps below, you’ll be an expert at spotting (and reacting) to everything that makes The Room arguably the worst best movie ever.


YELL & THROW “Spoon”

Nearly all of the artwork showcased in the film feature spoons, whenever you see said masterpiece of the sort, please proceed to yell “Spoon!’ and throw a spoon forward!


YELL “Sestosterone”

Yell it anytime Greg Sestero gets a little manly on stage.


YELL Count aloud how many times Greg says he’s Tommy’s best friend (“One, Two, Three…”)

We’re pretty sure it’s 7….but we’re not entirely sure. We’re counting on you to count.


YELL “Focus!”, “Unfocus”

Art or accident? The film frequently goes in and out of focus, get the camera back into focus by shouting “Focus!” or “Oh god, unfocus!” during the sex scenes.



During any sex scene that comes up, make sure they’re using protection by throwing your CEC condom to the actors


We’re excited to host and see y’all at this Friday’s (10/26/17)  screening and Q+A at James Bridge Theater.  Our Q+A with Greg Sestero, the actor behind Mark, will be taking questions that you can suggest here.  Leave any suggestions in the comments below.


And don’t forget to vote for our school to win an advanced private screening of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist: https://ambassadors.recess.is/giveaway/the-disaster-artist


cec. so bad it’s good.

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