Best Places to Celebrate 4/20 this Holiday Season

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Best Places to Celebrate 4/20 this Holiday Season

College students are bustling to get to their dealer, parents are rushing to find babysitters, the LA smog never lifts – but LA is getting lifted tonight on this year’s 4/20 – the first 4/20 in California since the passing of Prop 64. To commemorate this momentous occasion in history, we have complied a modest list of best places to celebrate 4/20 on campus this year (and every year/date).





Smoking Alley: During Freshmen orientation, we learn that the walls of Broad are painted a lackluster white to discourage our Arts majors from drawing inspiration from the bleak walls. However, the wall next to the little gallery by Broad is notorious as a place of release and inspiration – with a little help.


Hot Box at Drake Boxes: They’re actually open air boxes, so not the best for hot boxing. But a perfect place to get high and watch Drake (live).


Gardenia: Outside the steps of 75500134Gardenia. Nothing is better at curing munchies than swipes. Transfers never have to travel far from home to get lit and omelets.

Get High at Haines: There’s a ladder over Haines A39 that takes you to the roof of Haines.





Because Nature: The beautiful botanical gardens are a great place to appreciate flora and herbs. Quite honestly, it’s a bit of a challenge to get to this destination (even while sober) The garden is located in between Tiverton and Hilgard, behind the David Geffen school of medicine.




Last, our top recommendation: CEC Free Concert: Mild High Club. Don’t be fooled by their stage name, they will be very, very high — on energy if the crowd is lit! We’re not talking about packing bowls, we’re talking about packingKerkhoff Grand Salon. See you there 4/20, 8pm, Kerkhoff Grand Salon.

cec. get festive.

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