Campus Events Commission is comprised of seven branches–three programming and four marketing–individually responsible for separate duties, but which all ultimately work together as one cohesive unit to provide well-marketed entertainment high in both quality and quantity.


Commissioner Jordan Vincent Dang
Assistant Commissioner Madison Purnell
Special Events Director Lexi Mossler



Concerts staff books bands and artists to perform at Bruin/Westwood Plaza, Ackerman Grand Ballroom, and Kerckhoff Grand Salon. Concerts in Bruin Plaza usually take place at noon, but if you’ve got class you can always catch one of the evening shows. Past artists who have graced our stages include Snakehips, YG, Local Natives, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and most recently, Ty Dolla $ign. In order to bring you such worthy talent, the staff must keep up to date with relevant artists and negotiate with managers and agents, so show some appreciation and they’ll do the rest!

Director of Concerts
Christina Amini
Gabi Sheerer
Pamela Crick
Gabriel Hughes
Spencer Middleton
Jarrett Lampley


Since its inception in the 1960s, the Speakers program has hosted notable famous people from all walks of life. The Speakers program is one of the most distinguished in the country and continues to bring all sorts of interesting, funny, and otherwise entertaining folks to campus. In the past few years we’ve hosted Lil B, Jon Favreau, Pharrell Williams, and many others! So keep your eyes peeled for the excitement coming your way this year.

Director of Speakers
Krystal Lam
Kayla Max Svihovec
Omar Khan
Tara Afshar
Alex Johnson
Shannon Bokhoor
Matt Monforte
Suhaa Dada

Films & Festivals

CEC has one of the largest screening programs in the country. The Films staff organizes free weekly films open to the public and our free sneaks frequently bring UCLA students movies before they hit theatres! In the past year we’ve had Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Dirty Grandpa, Hail Caesar!, and plenty more. We have occasional guests and speakers for the films such as Anna Kendrick, Adam Devine, Jason Bateman and Wes Anderson. Last, but not least, free swag is always included–posters, hats, shirts, you name it–as giveaways and prizes for our loyal film buffs.

Director of Films
Sierra Wiley | Tommy Brooks
Director of Film Festivals
Viviene Nguyen
Kelsee Thomas
Ally Kolsky
Gaurav Lalsinghani
Olivia Robbins
Shayan Saalabi
Ruth Murai

Public Relations

The Public Relations staff is the promotional hand of Campus Events Commission, in charge of promoting and informing students of any and all CEC programs. Acting much like a big bad PR and marketing machine, it is responsible for press releases as well as inter-organization and media relations. The Public Relations staff also works to foster the CEC image and name as a vibrant source of college entertainment.

Director of Public Relations
Nick Kunze
Jayden Pickles
Nick Kunze
Alexandria Madison
Abhinava Shriraam
Nedda Saidian
Jamie Cho

Online Marketing

The Online Marketing department controls all the behind-the-scenes work and acts as the backbone of CEC. We handle reservations, run the website, and manage virtually everything online. CEC’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media site out there falls under our authority. Do you live on your phone? Good, cause that’s exactly what we’re looking for.

Director of Online Marketing
Elisa Cottarelli
Bridget Butterfield
Shana Vu
Ann Nguyen

Web Development

The Web Development staff works on bringing to life every web page that proudly bears the CEC logo. From the Bruin Bash site to the EAF website to the main website itself, our web developers breathe life into code and make sure everything runs smoothly. If you’ve got a knack for coding and are interested in Android and iOS app development or website creation, then this is the staff to turn to.

Leads of Web Development
Daniel Huang | Shamik Maganlal
George Archbold
Ashley Hoffmann
Mitch Grove
Brian Cho
Lucas Jenkins

Print Marketing

The Print Marketing staff works alongside all Marketing and Programming staffs to get the word out about every CEC event. They design all of the eye-catching, creative marketing assets for both print and digital needs – including (but not limited to) posters, flyers, and graphics for on-campus advertising and social media platforms. Like capitalism, without advertising Campus Events would crumble.

Director of Print Marketing
Noor Euceph
Devin Nicole
Connie Chang
Alex Madrid

Media Production

The Media Production staff collaborates with the three other marketing staffs of CEC to promote upcoming events through clever videos and other marketing campaigns. They act as the media presence of CEC, combining event coverage and video production. You can see them photographing and filming live events, just like the paparazzi only cooler.

Director of Media Production
Alvaro Wong
Regina Silva
Olivia Lim
Barry Yang
Emily Kerrigan
Sean Poole
Jane E Kim
Christina Choi