5 High School Fads we wish were still Alive

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5 High School Fads we wish were still Alive

Let’s face it – most of us probably peaked in high school. Sure, we’re doing (relatively) big things now in college and are preparing ourselves for true adulthood, but man we were the shit in high school. Stacking AP classes, booking our after school schedule with extra curricular activities/sports teams, waking up early to volunteer on the weekends – we were killin’ the game to get into UCLA. Although our days at our high school alma mater are over, I invite you to plunge into our throwback list of high school fads we wish were still alive!

5. Draw Something

You knew it was gonna be a lit night when your homie hit you up (on aim) at 9pm asking, “U up? (; ” followed by a “Let’s play Draw Something.” Nothing beat rounding up 5 of your friends to rofl (yes, we’re using it as a verb) together as one of your friends desperately attempted to draw an onion while you had that one lame friend that always guessed “penis” at everything. It was a hoot, and could entertain for hours! I would trade fervent clicking and raging at my League of Legends game for Draw Something any day if my friends were down to play.


4. Tumblr

The Tumblr world was where entertainment fandoms thrived – where you could escape into the endless scroll of Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars screencaps and gush over photos of hot celebs. Of course, it wasn’t a hobby just reserved for fangirls, high school boys were all over the social media platform hitting up “cuties of bay area” and reblogging photos of cars, in addition to other symbols of male masculinity that were probably NSFHS (not safe for high school). Tumblr allowed for ultimate customization and expression. Now, Tumblr has turned into internet “trash”, it’s where a select few run to when they’re extremely bored and looking for a quick laugh or throwback. I’m advocating we bring it back – I miss the creativity, now all we get are formulaic “personalized” videos created by Facebook.


3. My Sleeping Schedule

RIP. Remember when freshmen orientation you thought, “9am class? That’s easy, I got up everyday at 7am for high school”. Oh, we were so young and naive to think our sleeping schedule would remain untouched and uncorrupted forever. Gone – are the days of asleep by 12pm and up by 7am. Hello – are the days of falling asleep whenever possible, and waking up way too late for class.


2. Obama

As I’m writing this, it has been 115 days since Obama has left the Oval Office and I am still not over it. Obama’s presidency lasted throughout the best days of our lives, and boy the things I’d do to have him back in office (or really y’know to have any of the completely competent White house advisors, US Attorneys, and other federal employees Donald Trump has fired/displaced since his reign as evil emperor back would be great).


1. Krewella

Although some of the aforementioned may never bounce back from their peak years in our high school days, it’s reassuring to know at least one item off this list will prevail – KREWELLA! Ugh, “Alive” by Krewella brings back so many high school feels. From the last song played at Prom to the first song played at a Pep Rally – this song was the bomb.com. As an homage to your baby rave days come out to to our CEC + SWC: Fitness Concert | feat. Krewella | Powered by Zumba.


CEC + SWC: A Fitness Concert feat. KREWELLA | Powered By Zumba


Ackerman Grand Ballroom

cec. get teenage angsty with us.

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